Coursesort descending Semester Title Sections Instructor(s)
ARAB105 Spring 2019 Elementary Modern Standard Arabic III-IV 3 sections Lutf Alkebsi
Samah Al-salami
ARAB205 Spring 2019 Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic II 2 sections Zein El-Amine
ARAB207 Spring 2019 Egyptian Colloquial Arabic II 1 sections Lutf Alkebsi
ARAB253 Spring 2019 The Arabian Nights and the Art of Storytelling 1 sections Sayed Elsisi
ARAB298K Spring 2019 Special Topics in Arabic Studies; Reformers, Radicals, and Revolutionaries: The Middle East in the Twentieth Century 1 sections Shay Hazkani
ARAB305 Spring 2019 Advanced Modern Standard Arabic II 3 sections Valerie Anishchenkova
Peter Glanville
Instructor: TBA
ARAB386 Spring 2019 Experiential Learning 1 sections Zein El-Amine
ARAB398I Spring 2019 Special Topics in Arabic Studies; Secrets and Mysteries of Arabic Grammar 1 sections Valerie Anishchenkova
ARAB401 Spring 2019 Readings in Arabic Literature 1 sections Sayed Elsisi
ARAB499V Spring 2019 Special Topics in Arabic Studies; Business Arabic 1 sections Lutf Alkebsi