Submission Guidelines

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To ensure Quality Content on the SLLC Website, please review the following guidelines before submitting or requesting submission for your news or event.


  1. Do you have content? Do not submit an image or outside news source as news without at least a paragraph to give it context.
  2. Ensure Image quality. Do not submit a blurry, low resolution, or contextually inappropriate photo with your news.
  3. Did you link back? If you are using an outside source for news make sure to give credit.
  4. Did you tag appropriately? A department MUST be tagged. Leaving the School of Languages tagged will put your news on the front page.
  5. Not all news is front page news. If your news item does not belong on the SLLC Main page un-tag School of Languages. Use your discretion.
  6. Did you include a teaser? In addition to context one should click "Edit Summary" above the article Body when submitting and include a short summary.


  1. Does your feature have an image? When queueing a feature make sure to include an image. It will queue, but will look awkward without one.
  2. Is your content Evergreen? Some content is timeless and can be left in the queue to be reused at a later date. Check the queue to see if your content already exists.
  3. Consider making it Evergreen. If your content could be adjusted so that it MAY be used again please consider doing so. It will save effort in the future.


  1. Do you have content? Usually this will be included with the flyer, but it is stll best to include some context to go with the event.
  2. Attach your flyer. If you do not have a digital version LMS will scan it for you.
  3. Submit often! Many events are still only being advertised via paper flyer. The SLLC website is an excellent vehicle for promotion.


  1. The SLLC Web Admin is the only one with access to change the Spotlight on the Main SLLC page. If you would like an event or news item to appear in the rotation you must contact and arrange it with them even if you have filled out the spotlight fields.
  2. You do not need to submit an image for the spotlight. The SLLC Web Admin will work with you to create one.