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Roles dictate what a user is allowed to do on a drupal website. Currently we have three roles: Users, Editors, and Admin.


Users may login and edit their own profiles. 


Editors can be given access to a specific subsection of the website (eg. Spanish, Flagship, Language House) or all pages. They will only be able to edit pages they have access to edit. Those with spanish access will not even see an edit option for French pages. Pages can have multiple affiliations, for example Romance Languages pages can be edited by French, Italian, and Spanish editors. Likewise, editors can submit news and event items for their affiliated pages, all others will be inaccessible. Finally all editors have access to modify the Features displayed on the front page of their affiliated pages. Editors can not create pages or modify Page Menus.


Administrators can edit all pages, edit user information, modify and create new pages, modify and create menus, manage all feature queues, manage the front page spotlight, and edit structural and template elements.