Thayse Leal Lima
Assistant Professor

Thayse Leal Lima earned her PhD in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies from Brown University in 2014. Her areas of specialization include nineteenth century to contemporary Brazilian literature and culture, Modern Latin American literature and intellectual history, transnationalism and international literary circulation.  She is currently working on a book project that traces the dialogues between Hispanic American and Brazilian cultural and literary critics during the second half of the twentieth century, focusing on their efforts to integrate the two distinct literary traditions of Latin America. Her research demonstrates that these dialogues opened new routes of intellectual exchange and literary circulation and challenged essentializing constructions of Hispanism and Brazilianism. Bringing forth new archival material that documents the infrastructure of transnational exchanges, she argues that the drive toward a continental paradigm goes beyond the ideological discourse of Latin American solidarity, relating also to politics of literary promotion, recognition and internationalization.  The extensive archival research that sustains her project has been supported by the Tinker Foundation Field Research Grant, the Belda Family Research Fellowship and Brown University Office of International Affairs. Her articles and book reviews have appeared in journals such as Hispania, Brazil/Brasil, Letterature d’America and Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies

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