Saúl Sosnowski

Saúl Sosnowski (Buenos Aires, 1945) holds a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia and directed the Institute for International Programs from 2000 until 2011.  A professor of Latin American Literature and Culture at the University of Maryland at College Park, he has chaired the Department of Spanish and Portuguese (1979-2000) and was Director of the Latin American Studies Center (1989-2009), which he founded in 1989.  He has held visiting appointments in the U.S. and overseas, including as “Lady Davis Visiting Professor” at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and as “Walter Mangold Visiting Scholar” at the University of Melbourne. 

Author of Julio Cortázar: una búsqueda mítica; Borges y la Cábala: la búsqueda del Verbo (currently in its third edition; translated into Portuguese and German); La orilla inminente: escritores judíos-argentinos, Fascismo y nazismo en las letras argentinas (with Leonardo Senkman); Cartografía de las letras hispanoamericanas: tejidos de la memoria; over 90 articles; editor or co-editor of 17 volumes. Founder and Editor of the literary journal Hispamérica, currently in its 47th. year of continuous publication, he also serves on the boards of five scholarly journals. Borges y la Cábala: senderos del Verbo, with Argentine artist Mirta Kupferminc (Buenos Aires, Artes Gráficas, 2006)  led to major exhibitions at Centro Cultural Recoleta (Buenos Aires), The Art Gallery at the University of Maryland, Centro da Cultura Judaica (São Paulo), and numerous presentations in the US and Israel.

He co-directed two National Endowment for the Humanities institutes in México and Brazil.  At Maryland he directed the multi-year "Discovering the Americas" program (1987-1993).  He obtained funding from the Rockefeller Foundation for Resident Fellowships (1988-1994), as well as additional institutional and individual research support from, among others, SSRC, ACLS, Fulbright, Rockefeller, USIA, and the U.S. Department of Education.  Over the years he served on advisory boards for National Public Radio and the JCLAS (SSRC-ACLS), as a member on NEH, DIES, and ACLS panels, and on several literary and cultural award committees.

He directed a decade-long series of international conferences on "The Repression of Culture and its Reconstruction in the Southern Cone" (1984-1994).  These conferences resulted in five edited or co-edited volumes published in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, São Paulo, Santiago, and Asunción.  In 1995 he launched the project “A Culture for Democracy in Latin America,” and in March 2001, in Buenos Aires, “New Leadership for a Democratic Society.”  In addition to lectures and programs on literature, his lectures and publications for over a decade have centered on issues of civic education, democracy, conflict management and cultural politics with a focus on Latin America. Related publications include: Una cultura para la democracia en América Latina (México, 1999, co-edited with Roxana Patiño), Economía de la cultura: Mecenazgo (Buenos Aires, 1999), and he co-edited, with José Alvaro Moisés, of Brazil's Ministry of Culture, the three volumes that resulted from the joint University of Maryland-Ministerio da Cultura, Brazil, "A Culture for Democracy in Brazil," Cultura e Democracia (Rio de Janeiro, 2001-2002).  

His most recent publication, the result of a team-research project, funded by the U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation, is Exile, Diaspora, end Return. Changing Cultural Landscapes in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay (with Luis Roniger, Leonardo Senkman and Mario Sznajder).

His courses included seminars on Borges, Cortázar, issues linked to literature, politics, exile and democracy.



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