Naime Yaramanoglu
Assistant Director

Naime Yaramanoglu received her Ph. D. from the Department of French and Italian in 1985. Her thesis topic is Les Paysages et les Images d'eau et d'air dans Les Mémoires d'Hadrien et L'Oeuvre au noir de Marguerite Yourcenar.  Dr. Yaramanoglu began her career at the University of Maryland in the Spring semester of 1974 as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of French and Italian. In 1986 she began assisting the late Dr. William MacBain with the FOLA, Self-Instructional Language Program. Naime Yaramanoglu has been assisting in the coordination of the Language House, of the SLLC, since Fall 2010.  Dr. Yaramanoglu has two refereed articles: 'La Présence de la maladie dans les oeuvres de Marguerite Yourcenar' published in Frankofoni, Revue d'études et recherches francophones, No: 13, 2001, Ankara Turkey and 'Emblems in one chapter of Yourcenar's L'Oeuvre au noir'.

Dr. Yaramanoglu retired in July, 2017.

St. Mary's Hall
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