Kumiko Akikawa / 秋川久美子
Senior Lecturer

Kumiko Akikawa received her MA from American University. Prior to her appointment at UMD, she taught both English and Japanese at the college level in Japan and the Washington DC area. With her strong interest in pragmatics, emphasizing the socio-culturally appropriate use of language is an essential part of her instruction. She has presented on this topic at local and national conferences, such as AAAL, ATJ, and TESOL, and Pragmatics: Teaching speech acts (TESOL International Association, 2010) featured a pragmatics-focused lesson plan that she co-authored.

When she was a CITL Faculty Fellow (2014-2015), she started exploring a “flipped” mode of instruction in her Japanese language course utilizing various technology tools such as Canvas, Camtasia, Responseware and Clickers. She continues to seek a better way to enhance student learning and is in the process of developing  an online portal for her second-year students with help of UTAP (Spring 2018). She also participated in Advancing Professional Track Faculty Program (2017-2018).  

During school breaks, she is often involved in the translation of English novels for publication, and her most recent work The Medici Seal was published in February 2016.

Office Hours: 
Monday: 9:45-10:45
Wednesday: 9:45-10:45
Jimenez Hall
+1 301 405 0495