Luka Arsenjuk
Associate Professor

Jimenez Hall 4120

Faculty page on Film Studies web site

Luka Arsenjuk received his BA in Cultural Studies from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (2002) and his PhD from the Program in Literature at Duke University (2010). He works at the intersection of theory and film studies.



Movement, Action, Image, Montage: Sergei Eisenstein and the Cinema in Crisis
(University of Minnesota Press, 2018)



“‘to speak, to hold, to live by the image’: Notes in the Margins of the New Videographic Tendency,” in The Essay Film: Dialogue, Politics, and Utopia, edited by Elizabeth A. Papazian and Caroline Eades (London and New York: Wallflower Press, 2016)

“On the Impossibility of Object-Oriented Film Theory,” Discourse 38.2 (Spring 2016)

“The Notes for a General History of Cinema and the Dialectic of the Eisensteinian Image,” in Sergei Eisenstein, Notes for a General History of Cinema, edited by Naum Kleiman and Antonio Somaini, (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2016)

“Film Cartographies: An Introduction” in: Fredric Jameson, Filmska Kartiranja [Film Cartographies], introduced by Luka Arsenjuk, translated by Luka Arsenjuk and Maja Lovrenov (Ljubljana: KINO!, 2012)

“Cinema as Mass Art,” in In The Very Beginning, At The Very End: On the History of Film Theories, edited by Leonardo Quaresima and Valentina Re (Udine: Forum, 2010)

“Eisenstein's Laughter,” KINO! 7 (Summer 2009)

“Study, Students, Universities: An Introduction” (with Michelle Koerner), Polygraph 21: Study, Students, Universities (2009)

“Eisenstein's Idea of Intellectual Cinema,” KINO! 5/6 (Fall 2008)

“On Jacques Rancière,” Eurozine 2007-03-01

Edited Volumes

Reading With Eisenstein, edited by Ada Ackerman and Luka Arsenjuk (forthcoming, Montreal: Caboose Press)

Polygraph 21: Study, Students, Universities, edited by Luka Arsenjuk and Michelle Koerner (2009)

Translation (into Slovenian)

Fredric Jameson, Filmska Kartiranja [Film Cartographies], introduced by Luka Arsenjuk, translated by Luka Arsenjuk and Maja Lovrenov (KINO!: Ljubljana, 2012)

Some Recent Talks/Presentations

"The Politics of Media Studies: Kittler and Psychoanalysis," Constellations of the Political: Media and Representation in the Neoliberal Age, University of Maryland, College Park, April 2018

“Critique of Value,” La Filosofia il Castello e la Torre, Ischia International Festival of Philosophy, Ischia, September 2017

“Montage and Totality,” International Eisenstein Conference: Culture and Capital, Casa de Rui Barbosa Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, September 2016

“‘First the movement, and then what moves’: On Eisenstein’s Idea of Cinema,” University of Pennsylvania, January 2015

“The Filmmaking of the In-Between: The Essay Film,” National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, April 2014

“From Objects to the Problem of Form: Object-Oriented Philosophy and Film Theory,” SCMS Annual Conference, Seattle, March 2014

“On Swallowing and Sneezing: Sergei Eisenstein Between Organicism and Anorganicism,” University of Toronto, January 2013

“The Subject of Montage,” SCMS Annual Conference, Boston, March 2012

“On Form and Force: Eisenstein’s History of Cinema,” Sabanci University, Istanbul, March 2011


CMLT702—Cultures of Theory: Introduction to Media Theory (with Oliver Gaycken)

FREN699I—The Image in 20th Century French Thought

FILM299T—Cinema and the Transformation of Experience (with Eric Zakim)

FILM302—Cinema History II: The Sound Era

FILM342—Film Comedy

FILM343—Hollywood Genres After 1970

FILM361—Cinema and Globalization

FILM369A—Post-War Film Theory

FILM419A—The Essay Form Across Media

FILM468P—Political Cinema

FILM469A—The Violence of Cinema

FILM469B—The Cinema of Sergei Eisenstein