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University of Maryland Center for Advanced Study of Language is the nation's only university-affiliated research center (UARC) dedicated to enhancing government language performance in the workplace. Through our research partnerships, we must exceed the expectations of clients, commit ourselves to enterprise-wide values to achieve the highest levels of client satisfaction, and place an extraordinary emphasis on the creation of valuable products and services.


As a research institute of the University of Maryland, NFLC works to define current and future language needs of the nation and helps build capacity to meet those needs. Through research, collaborations, consultations, and projects, the staff and fellows of NFLC are dedicated to improving the nation's ability to understand and communication with people aroung the world and to manage the unprecendented flow of information resulting from globalization.


Students and faculty have access to world-class resources for computational, cognitive, neuroscientific, clinical, and educational research on language. The university’s setting in the Washington DC metropolitan area provides enviable access to national organizations, leading research centers, and a melting pot of language diversity. Read on to learn more about Language at Maryland and the outstanding opportunities for students to developing ambitious interdisciplinary expertise through cross-department programs.


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