Coursesort descending Semester Title Sections Instructor(s)
SLAA410 Spring 2018 Second Language Acquisition: Theory, Research, and Practice 1 sections Michael Long
SLAA498 Spring 2018 Second Language Research and Practicum 1 sections Steven Ross
SLAA620 Spring 2018 Second Language Research Methodologies 1 sections Steven Ross
SLAA640 Spring 2018 Psycholinguistics 1 sections Nan Jiang
SLAA649R Spring 2018 Special Topics in Second Language Acquisition; Research Critique 1 sections Steven Ross
SLAA742 Spring 2018 Second Language Processing 1 sections Nan Jiang
SLAA754 Spring 2018 Task-Based Language Teaching 1 sections Michael Long
SLAA772 Spring 2018 Bilingualism and Multilingualism 1 sections Kira Gor