Russian Minor

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Students completing the minor will be able to converse at an intermediate level about personal interests and everyday issues; will be able to comprehend basic, authentic written materials in Russian; and will be able to demonstrate developing knowledge of the institutions, values and cultural traditions and practices of Russia.

The minor consists of a minimum of five courses (15 credits) with a minimum of 2 courses (6 credits) earned from courses taught in Russian. Furthermore, a minimum of 3 courses (9 credits) must be taken at the 300 or 400 level.

All courses counting toward the minor must be passed with a "C" or better.


  • RUSS 221: Masterworks of Russian Literature I
  • RUSS 222: Masterworks of Russian Literature II
  • RUSS 281: Russian Language & Pre-Revolutionary Culture
  • RUSS 282: Contemporary Russian Culture
  • RUSS 298: Special Topics in Russian Language & Literature
  • RUSS 298K: Soviet Film: Propaganda, Myth, Modernism
  • RUSS 298M: Russian Cinema at the End of the Milennium
  • RUSS 327: Old Russian Literature in Translation
  • RUSS 328: 19th Century Russian Literature in Translation
  • RUSS 329: Soviet Literature in Translation


  • RUSS 201: Intermediate Russian I
  • RUSS 202: Intermediate Russian II
  • RUSS 210: Structural Development of Russian
  • RUSS 211: Applied Russian Phonetics
  • RUSS 301: Advanced Russian I
  • RUSS 302: Advanced Russian II
  • RUSS 303: Russian Conversation: Functional Skills
  • RUSS 307: Commercial Russian I
  • RUSS 321: Survey of Russian Literature I
  • RUSS 322: Survey of Russian Literature II
  • RUSS 381: Russian Civilization I
  • RUSS 382: Russian Civilization II
  • RUSS 398: Selected Topics in Russian Language & Literature
  • RUSS 401: Advanced Russian Composition
  • RUSS 402: Practicum in Written Russian
  • RUSS 403: Russian Conversation: Advanced Skills
  • RUSS 404: Practicum in Spoken Russian
  • RUSS 405: Russian-English Translation I
  • RUSS 406: Russian-English Translation II
  • RUSS 407: Commercial Russian II
  • RUSS 409: Selected Topics in Russian Language Study
  • RUSS 410: Applied Russian Linguistics
  • RUSS 411: Linguistic Analysis of Russian I
  • RUSS 412: Linguistic Analysis of Russian II
  • RUSS 431: Russian Literature of the 19th Century I
  • RUSS 432: Russian Literature of the 19th Century II
  • RUSS 433: Russian Literature of the 20th Century
  • RUSS 434: Soviet Russian Literature
  • RUSS 439: Selected Topics in Russian Literature
  • RUSS 473: Recent History of the Russian Language


  • Transfer credits (from study abroad or another US institution) may count toward the Minor with approval of the department. In most cases, a maximum of six transfer credits will be approved.
  • Slavic courses may be used to satisfy elective course requirements.
  • Students who are interested in enrolling in a Russian course that appears closed or waitlisted should contact either the faculty member or an Undergraduate Advisor for Russian for permission to enroll.


  • Native or heritage speakers wishing to enroll in Russian courses or seeking to minor in Russian should first consult with an Undergraduate Advisor.