Mikhail Dolbilov

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Mikhail Dolbilov, University of Maryland, College Park. Assistant Professor of History. A historian of imperial Russia, Mikhail Dolbilov focuses on the tsarist bureaucracy’s mentality and statecraft; interconnections between state reforms and symbolic representations of the Russian autocracy; modes of political loyalty and emotions related to them; and ethno-national and confessional politics on the empire’s peripheries in the age of rising nationalism. His publications include Russian Country, Foreign Faith: Empire’s Ethno-confessional Policy in Lithuania and Belarus under Alexander II (2010, in Russian) and two co-authored books in Russian, The Western Borderlands of the Russian Empire (2006, with Aleksei Miller), and A Reverse Union: An Episode from the History of Relationship between Catholicism and Orthodoxy in the Russian Empire, 18401873 (2010, with Darius Staliunas) along with many articles in English, Russian, and French.