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Roshan Institute Fellowship for Excellence in Persian Studies

Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute will fund an annual fellowship(s) for graduate students. Fellowship awards have become available since Fall 2013. They will be offered to students admitted to departments and programs at the University of Maryland whose work in areas related to Persian Studies exhibits high standards of academic excellence. For more information on these scholarships and fellowships, please send an email to sata@umd.edu



Roshan Institute Fellow for Excellence in Persian Studies 2013

Safoura Nourbakhsh

Safoura Nourbakhsh is the recipient of the first Roshan Institute Fellowship for Excellence in Persian Studies. She was born and raised in Iran, Tehran. After receiving her BA and MA in English Literature from San Francisco State University, she returned to Iran in 1992 and taught English literature courses at Allameh University from 1997-2003. Her interest in feminist theory and women’s right also prompted her involvement with Zanan magazine as a writer and an occasional consultant. Her Persian translation of Virginia Woolf’s A Room of It’s Own (2004, Niloofar Publishing) is the first published translation of the book. Safoura started her PhD degree in women’s studies at University of Maryland in the Fall of 2005. While working on her PhD she also became the managing editor of Sufi (a biannual journal of mystical philosophy and practice). Later she helped plan design,