Think Outside Your Borders

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UMD-Summer: France: French Language and Culture on the Mediterranean (FREN)
application deadline (03/01/2018)

This program combines daily language courses, local excursions, and the opportunity to live with a French family in Montpellier, a dynamic city in the south of France. During your time in this program, you will take part in intensive language learning and strengthen your cross-cultural knowledge as you explore the vibrant history and culture of France. To attend this program, you must have an intermediate competence in French, but this program is a good fit if you are looking to push your French language skills to the next level, gain international experience, or experience a new culture. By the end of the course you will have improved French speaking and comprehension skills through constant authentic interactions in the target language throughout the three weeks in the target culture.


UMD-Summer: Spain: Culture, Language, and Literature in Salamanca and Barcelona (SPAN)
application deadline (03/01/2018)

Take your language learning to the next level by spending six weeks in an intensive language learning program in Salamanca and Barcelona. This program is designed by the UMD Department of Spanish and Portuguese in cooperation with El Colegio Hispano Continental and International House Barcelona. In this program, you will develop Spanish proficiency and experience Spanish culture by attending language classes, living in a homestay, and taking part in excursions throughout the cities and surrounding countryside.


Maryland-in-Nice (France)
application deadline(03/01/2018)

Located on Cote d'Azur, Nice is a dynamic cosmopolitan city of about 300,000 people rich in history, art and architecture . The city is known for its arts, festivals, tourism and location on the Mediterranean Sea and the foothills of the Alps. Students are immersed in the French language through their coursework and housing options, and have opportunities through the program and own their own to explore the many cultural offerings of Nice and of France.