The Syrian Crisis: An Inside Look

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Join No Lost Generation at UMD in welcoming Mostafa Hassoun and Dr. Hisham Naji as they share their inspiring stories and experiences with Syria. Come hear Mr. Hassoun, a 23 year old refugee fled Syria in 2015 and is currently living in Annapolis, MD., talk about his life in Syria, his life in America now, and the battles he has overcome and the challenges he faces today, living in an unfamiliar city and culture. Dr. Hisham Naji, a doctor and D.C. Chapter President of the Syrian American Medical Society, will be illustrating his role in aiding Syrian civilians impacted by the crisis, and his knowledge working in both Syria and America.

You will learn about the crisis from the unique first hand perspectives of Syrians who have witnessed the crisis to its fullest. Educate yourself, get inspired to take action, and bring your friends for a night you won’t forget!

When: Tuesday, April 5 from 7-9pm

Where: Charles Carroll Room, Stamp Student Union

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No Lost Generation (NLG) is a student group on campus that combats the Syrian Refugee crisis by providing help to disadvantaged youth in refugee camps as well as raising awareness about the crisis as a pertinent issue. NLG is a nationwide campaign that began at the George Washington University and is partnered with the State Department, Save the Children, the Malala Foundation, and more. For more information about No Lost Generation Initiative on Campus, visit