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Sebastian Bartis, a fifth-year PhD student in Spanish and Portuguese under the mentorship of Professor Juan Carlos Quintero Herencia, received a Graduate Teaching Fellowship through TLTC, the Teaching and Learning Transformation Center for 2014-2015. He is part of an interdisciplinary group of graduate students pursuing a one-year research project focused on students with traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. The project investigates these students’ experiences with and perceptions of technology in the classroom through interviews with University of Maryland undergraduate students. The group is currently in the process of writing a paper based on their findings.

The Graduate School-TLTC Graduate Teaching Fellows Program (Formerly Graduate Lilly Fellows) is a venue to develop and sustain a cross-disciplinary learning community of graduate students as future faculty. It provides an opportunity for Graduate Teaching Assistants to document and share their insights into enhancing teaching and learning at the University of Maryland and to build upon this knowledge.