SLLC PhD Student Receives Graduate Research Fellowship

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Ginette Alomar Eldredge

Ginette Alomar Eldredge, a third-year PhD student in Spanish and Portuguese under the mentorship of Prof. Carmen Benito-Vessels, will spend June in Madrid conducting research on women and lovesickness in medieval Spanish literature. Love as illness has been a subject of medical, philosophical, and literary investigation since antiquity. In De Amore (c. 1185), Andreas Capellanus describes romantic love as a passion capable of causing sickness, fever, physical weakness and even madness. Eldredge’s research blends feminist scholarship with literary and historical analysis of medieval Spanish medical texts. Her work is unique—previous scholars have focused on depictions of lovesick men in medieval Spanish texts but have overlooked depictions of women, in part because the Spanish medieval literary and medical tradition does not explicitly depict women as susceptible to lovesickness.

The International Graduate Research Fellowship (IRGF), sponsored by The Graduate School, supports advanced research in an international context. A key goal of the IRGF is to foster ongoing collaborations between UMD scholars and their international colleagues.

Eldredge will conduct research with the Medieval Studies Research Group in the literature department of the Universidad Complutense. Dr. Ángel Gómez Moreno, a renowned medievalist in Peninsular Studies and director of the Medieval Research Studies Group, will mentor Eldredge and facilitate her research.