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chapters, articles, and journal papers

SLA faculty members and students have recently published their scholarly works on book chapters and journal articles.


Kira Gor has coauthored an article, “Lexical access in L2: Representational deficit or processing constraint?” in The Mental Lexicon, 2015,10.2.

Kira Gor has written a book chapter, “Phonology and morphology in lexical processing” in The Cambridge Handbook of Bilingual Processing: (Schwieter, ed., 2015)

Kira Gor has written an Ebook chapter, “Raspberry, not a car: Context predictability and a phonological advantage in early and late learners’ processing of speech in noise” in Learning a Non-Native Language in a Naturalistic Environment: Insights from Behavioural and Neuroimaging Research, (Pliatsikas and  Chondrogianni, eds., 2015)

Nan Jiang's chapter "Six decades of research on lexical representation and processing in bilinguals" is recently published in Cambridge Handbook of Bilingual Processing (Schwieter, ed., 2015).

Nan Jiang, Guiling Hu, Anna Chrabaszcz, and Lijuan Ye's manuscript entitled The activation of grammaticalized meaning in L2 processing: Toward an explanation of the morphological congruency effect co-authored by Nan Jiang just came out on the OnlineFirst list of the International Journal of Bilingualism.

Alia Lancaster has published “Factors Influencing Sensitivity to Lexical Tone in an Artificial Language” in Studies in Second Language Acquisition (June 2015, Volume 37, special issue 2, edited by Sible Andringa and Patrick Rebuschat).

Man Li, Nan Jiang, and Kira Gor will publish “L1 and L2 processing of compound words: Evidence from masked priming experiments in English” in Bilingualism: Language and Cognition.

Nick B. Pandža co-authored a paper: (In)sensitivity to input statistics in L2 formulaic sequences: Proficiency or Maturation? that was presented at the Conference for the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) held at Toronto, Canada, on March 23, 2015.

Nick B. Pandža has published “Competitive lexical activation during ESL spoken word recognition" in a special issue on L2 listening in the International Journal of Innovation in English Language Teaching and Research, Volume 3, Number 2, in September, 2014.