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Once again the Pragda Spanish Film Club series had a successful turnout at the University of Maryland!

Organized by Dr. Naharro-Calderón, SPAP, and in collaboration with the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, and the Latin American Studies Center, this five week film festival attracted both UMD students and professors from many different disciplines and members of the public. Films from diverse countries around the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world were represented, including the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, El Salvador, and Spain. The variety of styles, themes, and perspectives highlighted aspects of these cultures that are often overlooked or misunderstood. Many provocative topics depicted in these films such as the complexity of memory and history, body image, sustainability, violence and extortion, ideology, and political extremism sparked stimulating dialogue and debate in the discussions that followed the film screenings led by professors whose research deals with these topics or areas of the world.

Here’s what some of our attendees had to say:

“I enjoy the variety of the films, especially because these are not mainstream films that we can see at a movie theater outside of a film festival. I particularly appreciate the discussions led by a faculty member that has studied the film, is familiar with the director’s work and is knowledgeable about the topic presented in the film itself. These discussions represent a space where undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and the general public can engage in an enriching discussion.”

-Melissa Gonzalez-Contreras, Graduate Student, SPAP

“This festival gives students the opportunity to understand diverse cultures outside of the classroom through films that they might not see in another setting.”

-Mariluz Bort, Graduate Student, SPAP

“The atmosphere that I felt was of conviviality and intellectual curiosity, engendering thus many questions and comments from the public.”

Dr. Regina Igel, Professor of Porguguese, SPAP

Thank you to all that attended and we look forward to next year’s Pragda Film Festival! ¡Nos vemos en el cine!