Leadership Skills Multiply With Language Skills

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In Forbes Magazine, Rawn Shah, the Director & Social Business Architect at Rising Edge, describes the value of having strong language skills and deep cultural proficiency:

“As we globalize and work across more countries, more significant than knowing a second or third language, there is a rising need for people skilled in understanding context that stems from how people speak or interact.  This goes beyond issues of inclusiveness and having a culturally diverse workforce. It is much more an issue ofleadership in being about to comprehend and hold different perspectives readily and why people may think in different ways. Per Chris Heuer of Alynd, ‘it’s about choosing the right words for creating understanding and alignment.’”

Students and faculty at SLLC delve into languages and literatures as well as the histories and contemporary cultures of where those languages are are spoken.

With programs in twelve languages, from a major to a single course, we invite you to expand your world.

Date of Publication: 
Wednesday, October 30, 2013
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