French Minor Enhanced!

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Description of Minor in French Studies

The revised 18-credit minor provides an enhanced overview of linguistic, cultural,and literary aspects of the study of French.

Courses required for the minor, in this order, are:
FREN 204, FREN 250, FREN 301
Following completion of this core sequence, students will choose three courses from the following:
FREN 302 or FREN303
FREN 311 or 312
FREN 351, 352, and any 400-level course*.

* Starting in Fall 2013 one 4xx-level elective in now required for completion of the minor in French studies.
•       All courses must be taught in French.
•       A maximum of six (6) credits can be applied to the minor from courses taken at other institutions,  with the exception of Maryland in Nice, which allows the transfer of nine (9) credits
•       Students must earn a grade of C- or higher in each course counted toward the minor.
•       Students who matriculated in fall 2012 or later must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 within their minor in order to graduate.
•       Students who begin their study as native/fluent speakers should seek the advice of the advisor before choosing the courses they will use to replace the core minor courses.

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