Engaging “Glocal” Communities and Languages

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Ever wonder how Prince George's County came to be home to people from around the world? Why more than 162 world languages are spoken in the County? Are you interested in learning about the "worlding" of PG County and the migratory routes that intersect in College Park? In this class, we will explore the changing demographics and rich cultural and linguistic diversity of our area. As part of a 9-10 hour service-learning requirement (2-3pm Th and/or Fri), students will have the opportunity to work in a local school, teaching English to parents and tutoring children. This class is ideal for students interested in careers in education, social services, translation / interpretation, communication, business, etc. Class format will consist of lecture, discussion, blogging

Prof. Ana Patricia Rodriguez
GenEd Pending Non-major
Scholarship in Practice
Tu/Th 11:00 am - 12:15 pm
No prerequisite
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