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Pioneer Investments International

Position Type: Internship (Fall or Spring Part-Time, Winter/January Term internship, Off-Campus Part Time

ID#: 135040 at

Preferred Class: Sophomore, Junior, Senior

Preferred Majors: Linguistics, Arabic Studies, Business/Finance, International Business, Computer, Mathematical, Natural Sciences, Computer Sciences, Information Studies, Human Computer Interaction (GRAD), Applied Economics

Job Function: Communication, Research

Location: Washington, DC

Description: Pioneer Investments International's (PII) internship opportunities consist of well-articulated research and development projects that have definable objectives across a range of interesting and cutting-edge sectors. This will allow a chance to work with a number of full time PII employees on a range of projects that will have a very real impact on developing and frontier markets. In addition, all PII interns will gain valuable real world business and collaborative experience, which will provide the skills needed to compete in any competitive global market.

PII is looking for interns to help understand the dynamic and constantly evolving world of social media. Understanding that social media plays a critical role in the global political, economic and security landscape, PII is now looking to enhance it’s understanding of social media ecosystems in emerging markets. Interns will be expected to bring a working knowledge of different social media platforms and how they connect to one another, as well as identifying new social media channels that are being used within target countries that PII is interested in investing. Part of the intern’s responsibilities will also be to research and understand what kinds of socio-political vulnerabilities might be exacerbated due to social media usage with a focus on Africa and the Middle East.


PII’s internship are developed to help:


  • Put into practice ideas and concepts learned through relevant academic course work.
  • Develop the strengths of work-related skills through collaborative projects, analytical assessment, team-building exercises, presentations and problem solving.
  • Gain experience in the private equity sector, along with the various political, economic and security issues associated with investment in developing and frontier markets.
  • Build networks, which will help in future job opportunities.
  • Participating in a PII internship is a fantastic way to discover how private equity functions, as well as sharpening the expertise needed to assess and analyze some of the most challenging global issues currently at work in the world today.


Duration: One semester.

Hours Per Week: 10-15

Compensation: Stipend

Qualifications: What PII is looking for:

  • Students who are ambitious, motivated, and currently enrolled in Washington DC metro area universities (including Virginia & Maryland).
  • Students who have completed at least one full academic year and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Students who have knowledge of foreign languages and cultures that are unique to Africa and the Middle East (Kiswahili, Arabic, Farsi, etc).
  • Students who are self-starters and can assemble and lead research projects on diverse subjects pertaining to complex global issues.
  • Students who understand the basic tenants of foreign policy from a global perspective and how that connects with financial interests throughout Africa and the Middle East.
  • Students who have prior overseas experience in the areas in which PII has investment interests.

Application deadline: April 24, 2016