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This past fall of 2017, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese once again hosted the renowned Pragda Film Festival, organized by Professor José María Naharro-Calderón. From October through November, students, professors, and the public came together to watch and discuss five films from across the Spanish-Speaking world. These included: The Tenth Man / El rey del Once (Argentina, 2016), directed by Daniel Burman with a discussion lead by Professors Laura Demaria and Saúl Sosnowski; The Travel Agent / Pequeñas mentiras piadosas (Cuba, Spain, Italy, 2015), directed by Niccolò Bruna with a discussion lead by Professors Eyda Merediz and Juan Carlos Quintero-Herencia; The Empty Classroom / El aula vacía (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, El Salvador, 2015), directed by Flavia Castro, Mariana, Chenillo, Pablo Fendrik, Carlos Gaviria, Tatiana Huezo, Lucrecia Martel, Nicolás Pereda, Eryk Rocha, Pablo Stoll, Daniel Vega, and Diego Vega, and a discussion lead by Professors Ryan Long and Ana Patricia Rodríguez; The Second Mother / Que horas ela volta? (Brazil, 2015), directed by Anna Muylaert and with a discussion lead by Professors Regina Igel and Thayse Lima; and Truman (Argentina, Spain, 2015), directed by Cesc Gay and with a discussion lead by Professors José Magro and José María Naharro-Calderón. This diverse selection of films represented a range of themes and cultures.

Nos vemos en el cine PRAGDA/A proxima vez no cinemaPRAGDA/See you at the movies PRAGDA in 2018!