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Damien Liles (’13 Chinese and Russian Language and Literature) and Nathan O’Sullivan (’12 Chinese)  will travel to China for finishing in second place.

In Fall 2011, UMD junior Damien Liles traveled to George Washington University as one of two University of Maryland students who competed in the Jiangsu Cup Speech Contest.  Liles was one of the final round contestants selected from over thirty candidates recommended by six universities around the Washington area, including University of Maryland, University of Virginia, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Washington & Lee University, and American University.  Participants were divided by language level into groups of intermediate, intermediate-high, and advanced difficulties. Damien competed in the intermediate-high level and won 2nd place for his speech.

Contestants gave a one-minute self-introduction, followed by a question and answer section led by the judges. In the next part of the competition, contestants presented a three-minute speech, which also included a question and answer session.

The main speech had to focus on a cultural aspect of the Jaingsu region of China. Liles chose to discuss Sun Yat Sen Masoleum, an architectural masterpiece dedicated to a very influential democratic and nationalist leader who helped establish a government in Taiwan.


“I wanted to gain experience giving speeches. The research was challenging but helped me practice and learn, and the architectural aspect was interesting,” explained Damien. “Instead of just memorizing our speeches, we had to actually know what we were talking about and respond to the judges’ questions.”


As a reward for their 2nd place victories, Liles and O'Sullivan will receive full funding from the Jiangsu International Cultural Exchange Center to take an 8-day cultural tour in China's Jiangsu Province in June 2012.


Date of Publication: 
Tuesday, September 25, 2012