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Eight ARHU students awarded Boren Scholarships and Fellowships.
Six ARHU undergraduates earned Boren Scholarships and two graduate students earned Boren Fellowships to pursue intensive language studies in regions critical to U.S. national interests around the world.

The Boren Scholarship, a Department of Defense award, provides up to $20,000 for long-term (two semester or longer), language-focused study abroad. The program targets applicants with a strong interest in using their skills and knowledge in government service. Nationally, 1014 students applied for a total 161 Boren awards this year; eight of Maryland’s 14 candidates were successful, and one is currently an alternate (three additional applicants withdrew from the competition).

The Boren Fellowship provides up to $24,000 for study and research abroad. For an additional domestic component, the award provides up to $30,000. Nationally, 575 students applied for a total of 119 Boren Fellowships this year; five of Maryland’s 10 candidates were successful, and three are currently alternates.

For more information on the Boren awards, visit borenawards.org or contact UMD's National Scholarships Office at nsepboren@umd.edu.

Boren Scholarships

Rushain Abbasi is a junior Government and Politics and History major. Abbasi received an award to study Arabic in Jordan.

Zane Buckey is a sophomore Chinese major minoring in Geographic Information Systems and Terrorism Studies. Buckey received an award to study Mandarin in China.

Taylor Osborne is a senior Japanese and English major minoring in creative writing. Osborne received an award to study Japanese in Japan.

Kyle Pfeiffer is a senior double-major in Persian and Spanish. Pfeiffer received an award to study Persian in Tajikistan.

Sarah Reynolds is a senior French major, International Development and Conflict Management minor. Reynolds received an award to study Akan in Ghana.

Elizabeth Richter is a senior Persian major and U.S. Army veteran. Richter will study Persian in Tajikistan.

Boren Fellowships


Daniel Blake is an Arabic language master’s student in the College of Arts and Humanities. Blake will study advanced Arabic with the Graduate Arabic Flagship Program at Alexandria University in Egypt and will pursue an internship with a local NGO that works on behalf of children’s rights.

Evan Jones is a Persian language master’s student in the College of Arts and Humanities. Jones received an award to study Persian with the Graduate Persian Flagship Program at Tajik State National University, in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
Date of Publication: 
Tuesday, September 25, 2012