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Faculty member, Juan Uriagereka is serving as the director of the (SLLC), effective July 19, 2021.
Anjali Gajendiran is the recipient of The Anneliese and Alfred Strauch Scholarship for Language Study.
The Ulrike and Jamshid Amouzegar Undergraduate Scholarship in Persian Studies (AMUS) is awarded to: Isabelle Lareau Nathan Boyle
Dr. Fatemeh Keshavarz addresses our 2021 Graduates in this video message. SLLC: Reflections on the Past and Hope for the Future
decorative image of graduates throwing hats in the air
Our programs honor Undergraduate and Graduate award recipients. Congratulations!

SLAers finally reunited for an end-of-the-semester gathering! Faculty, graduate students, their family, and friends enjoyed an outdoor picnic at the Wall Local Park.

Congratulations to the Second Language Acquisition graduates from the 2020-21 class! We are very proud of our fearless MA and PhD graduates who have succeeded in obtaining their


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