Student Experience and Success

Anjna Swaminathan is a ARHU Dean's Senior Scholar.
Third-year Theatre major Anjna Swaminathan credits her language studies in part for her high honor.

Alumna Maya Jackson, Fren 09, appearing

in "Canterbury" Wednesday through March 9 with the Pointless

Theatre Company, Flashpoint, 916 G St.

Tim Meehan, SLLC Intern for Fall 2012.
Germanic Studies major Tim Meehan served as the SLLC intern for Fall 2012.
Gilman Scholar Cate Kinlein
Cate Kinlein discusses her experiences both in and outside the classroom as she prepares to study abroad next semester.

This Past week, November 10-11th, four doctoral students with Prof. Benito-Vessels  from the Dept.


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