LH Gala Auction Baskets

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Keep an Eye on this page. After the Gala select items will be available for bidding!





  • Schwarze Herren Schokolade pour Messieurs Feinste Dunkle Pralinés
  • Fassbender & Rausch Herzliche Grüße aus Berlin chocolate covered marzipan
  • Deutsche Küche Jamaican rum liqueur cake 
  • Vintersaga Swedish mulled fruit drink 
  • St Lorenz Christkindl Glübmein spiced wine
  • 2016 Loosen "Dr. L" Riesling 
  • 2ct Reber Mozart-Kugeln chocolate tins 


  • Zarrin premium ceylon set
  • Sarantis fig 
  • Mother's Buiscuits 
  • coconut cookies
  • 2ct Persian milk server (for tea) 
  • 3pc Persian small decorative bowls w/ bird

French Perfume Basket

  • Eau des Jardins shower gel, treatment fragrance, & smoothing body cream 
  • NaRaYa brown diamond pattern purse
  • Chanel No. 5 eau première vaporisateur spray
  • Bleu de Chanel eau de toilette pour homme 


  • 4pc Chinese man/woman dolls on wooden rocking chairs
  • "Flash Presentation of Pictographic Chinese Characters" CD/DVD
  • Chinese "happy birthday" wall decoration


  • Zetti Edel Marzipan chocolate covered almonds 
  • Ritter Sport mini schokosprüce assorted chocolates 
  • Haribo Gummy Bears 
  • Ritter Sport mini bunter mix assorted chocolates 
  • Schokoliebe Traube Nuss Schokolade 
  • "Das Wunder von College Park" t-shirt (L)
  • Lühders Quality hamburger speck 
  • Haribo Pinkie & Lilly 
  • Haribo Gold Bears 
  • Kinder chocolate 
  • Manner Vienna hazelnut cream filled wafers 
  • Loacker Napolitaner chocolate with hazelnut 
  • Ritter Sport mini chocolate mix 
  • Mentos mint 
  • Toblerone crunchy salted almond 
  • Haribo Roulette 
  • Reber Mozart-Kugeln chocolate tins 


  • Reber Mozart-Kugeln chocolate tins 
  • Zetti Edel Nougat chocolate covered hazelnuts 
  • Deutsche Küche vanilla spritz shortbread cookies 
  • Deutsche Küche raspberry jaffa cakes 
  • Deutsche Küche whole grain mustard 
  • Deutsche Küche Austrian beer mustard (made w/ 34% Austrian beer) 
  • Deutsche Küche Bavarian sweet mustard 
  • Deutsche Küche peeled white asparagus 
  • Maggi Spaetzle authentic German dumplings 
  • Hela mild sauce with touch of curry 
  • Thomy Mittelscharfer Delikatess-Senf mustard 
  • Knorr Salat Krönung Dill-Kräuter 
  • Schluckwerder dark chocolate covered marzipan 
  • Nutella 
  • Maggi Würze seasoning 


  • One-year family theater membership to the Old Greenbelt Theatre
  • Coupon for 2 tickets, 2 medium popcorn
  • Milk Chocolate M&M's 
  • Good & Plenty licorice candy 
  • Junior Mints 
  • Raisinets 
  • Leather pocketbook


  • Persian rug
  • 2ct teacup/saucer
  • Ahmad Tea London cardamom tea 
  • Ahmad Tea London fruit & herb selection 
  • Mother's Buiscuits 
  • Coconut cookies
  • HajiBaba zaban cookies 
  • Sarantis rose petals 
  • Zarrin organic sour cherry jam 


  • Arabic Ahmad Tea English Tea No. 1 (100 bags)
  • Arabic Yara assorted Jordan almonds 
  • Arabic Adonis Kaftah Spices 
  • Arabic Al'ard organic extra virgin Palestinian olive oil 
  • Arabic Cortas pomegranate molasses 
  • Arabic small chest w/ frankincense
  • RiteAid Home pumpkin spice candle 
  • Arabic Etoiles de Nuit Special Gunpowder thé vert de Chine 
  • 2ct Arabic Flagship Program t-shirt 


  • 2015 Saint-Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux sparking white wine 
  • Flufa Pur Beurre au Fromage les véritables flûtes feuillotées 
  • 365 Everyday Value organic whole wheat mini toasts 
  • St. Delfour Four Fruits jam 
  • "Liquer Mont-Christ" absinthe tray
  • 2016 Line 39 cabernet sauvignon CA 
  • Locations F 5 red wine 
  • Harry & David chocolate hazelnut wafer rolls 
  • Stonewall Kitchen roasted apple grille sauce 
  • Stonewall Kitchen caramelized onion mustard 
  • Stonewall Kitchen apple cranberry chutney 
  • "Remous, ressacs et dérivations autour de la troisième vague féministe" book
  • St Michel mini madeleines
  • St Michel mini madeleines w/ chocolate chips
  • French mustard w/ green peppercorns 
  • Une autre façon No 2 honey & spices Mediterranean Ramble 


  • De Cecco Fettuccine No. 6 
  • Bono Italian extra virgin olive oil 100% organic special reserve 
  • Mr. Organic organic Italian basil pesto 
  • Casale Toscano Insalata Farro & Porcini 
  • 3pk Bella Cucina Artful Food Panini Spread (kalamata olive, garden herb, sundried tomato & basil)
  • Classica Cipriani food Tagliolini extra thin durum wheat egg pasta w/ spinach 
  • 365 Everyday Value Arborio white rice 
  • Parma Solo Pomodoro Mutti cherry tomatoes 
  • Genova Yellowfin tuna in olive oil 
  • 2ct Parma Solo Pomodoro Mutti Polpa finely chopped tomatoes 


  • Il Forno Della Piazza Sassello soft citrus amaretti
  • Italia Roscato Rosso Dolce sweet red 
  • Serra Specialità le Italiane hard filled candy honey 
  • Cucina & Amore Pistachio Biscotti 
  • Serra Specialità le Italiane hard filled candy pear from Emilia Romagna 
  • Barilla Mulino Bianco Cuoricini heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies 
  • Serra Specialità le Italiane hard filled candy red orange from Sicily 
  • Serra Specialità le Italiane hard filled candy mint from Piedmont 
  • Serra Specialità le Italiane hard filled candy licorice from Calabria 
  • Baci Perugina dark praline w/ hazelnuts 
  • 2015 Santa Cristina Campogrande orvieto classico