Residential Life

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LH club meetings or SAAB meetings:

Created to facilitate inter-cluster communication, LH clubs are student-run and open to all House members. Clubs typically retain a cultural focus (such as Movie, Cooking or Tai-Chi Club), but can also be interest-related, such as Running or Gardening Club. Student Awesome Advisory Board (SAAB) was created by students to help the LH administration. The board is devided into several committees (such as Outeach, Decorations, Technology, Music, and excursion commitees). Five attendances at a specific club, at any five clubs, or five SAB meetings per semester are required.

Program and Resident Life Staff:

The idea of community is further fostered by two groups of staff who live in the building. For language immersion, each Language cluster has a Mentor, who is a native speaker, and each apartment has an Apartment Leader, whose language proficiency is either native or near native. St. Mary's Hall also has two Resident Assistants(RAs), who live on each side of the building. For each student-run club, a Club Chair is in charge to make sure the club runs smoothly through the semester. The Program and Resident Staff are responsible for management of the residence halls, and for cultural, social, educational, and recreational programming. Students can aid the Staff in programming and become involved in their living environment.

If the student has had both of his/her interviews for Language House and signed and turned in their Intent Form, here is the next step: All the admitted students need to go to to fill out a housing agreement to be included in the Resident-Life roster. Once on the page, you should click on the yellow Login button in the upper left corner.  After logging in, you’ll see the link to the Housing Agreement on the right side of the page.

You will be able to cancel your dining plan online by logging onto the Dining Services Online Services menu ( using your Directory ID and Password.

Security :

To ensure the safety of residents in St. Mary's, the residents must swipe their uniquely coded student ID to enter the building and access the hallways. In addition, Residential Facilities provides a team of Security Staff who work from dusk till dawn inspecting each of the residence halls and ensuring locked doors and the overall safety of the buildings.

Services :

Students in St. Mary's currently have access to the service desk located in Queen Anne's Hall. The Service Desk is run by Community Assistants (CA) and serves as a center for information about student and campus group phone numbers, university resources, and is the place to borrow keys if locked out, and to pick up packages.

Learning Facilities :

St. Mary's Hall features a satellite system providing 24 hour programming in 10 foreign languages, a large multi-purpose room, language lab facilities, a study lounge, an international cafe, data connections to the University's computer system in every room and a less than a 5 minute walk to most academic buildings and libraries.