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Please click on the links below to view albums from past events:

Spring 2018:

3rd Annual Language House Gala


Fall 2016:


Progressive snack 2016 Fall

Around the World Film Festival 2016 Fall

Spring 2015:

Progressive Snack Spring 2015

Showcase 2015

SLLC Forum

Fall 2014:

Welcome BBQ & Progressive Snack

Around the World Film Festival

Spring 2014:

Progressive Snack Spring 2014

Language House Showcase 2014

Fall 2013:

Progressive Snack Fall 2013

Welcome BBQ Fall 2013

Around the World Film Festival 2013

Graduation Fall 2013

Fall 2011:

Progressive Snack Fall 2011

Tea on the Terrace 2011

Exploring Confucius' China Study Abroad

Spring 2011:

Progressive Snack Spring 2011

Fall 2010:

Around the World Dinner

Progressive Snack Fall 2010


Spring 2010:

Language House Showcase 2010!

Chinese New Year Celebration

House Assembly Spring 2010


Fall 2009:

20th anniversary celebration !

Language House Alumni Panel

Spring 2009:

Language House Showcase 2009!

Progressive Snack Spring 2009

Hebrew Cluster Meeting, Spring 2009

Chinese New Year Celebration

House Assembly Spring 2009

Fall 2008:

Mr. Jamshid Ansari, a successful Iranian businessman and a donor to the university, visits the Persian cluster at the Language House.

Italian cluster's dinner with the faculty

Around the World Dinner, Fall 2008

Language House Assembly, Fall 2008

Spring 2008:

Showcase 2008

Progressive Snack , Spring 2008 

Language House Assembly, Spring 2008

Fall 2007:

A Day in the Life of a LH Student (watching the lunar eclipse at 5 AM, and building furniture together)