Language House Facilities

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St Mary's Hall

The Patio

The Computer Lab

The Lounge

The Cafe

The Multipurpose Room

St. Mary's Building Features

Built in 1932, the building was originally named Brent Hall, after Margaret Brent (c1601-c1671). "Arriving in Maryland in 1638, she distinguished herself as landholder, entrepreneur, and skillful administrator." Though later named for the county of St. Mary's, located in southern Maryland, the building was dedicated to Margaret Brent on March 27, 1996. St. Mary's was originally a traditional residence hall, but was renovated in 1989 and turned into apartments. Today, St. Mary's is a co-educational residence hall which is part of a nine-building area called the North Hill Community.

Satellite System
The Language House is wired for both Comcast Cable and the University's campus cable. Each apartment living room and both downstairs meeting rooms provide 24 hour satellite programming in each of the ten languages of the program. Televisions, remotes and A/B switches are provided to students in each of the nineteen apartments. 

Computer Lab
The Language House features a computer lab with 5 Dell computers, a printer, and a TV specially designed and equipped for the needs of the international and foreign language community. The computers have special software that can be used to read and write Cluster languages that use non-Roman and non-Latin alphabets. During the semester, the computer lab is open to Language House students from 7:00 am to 12:00 am.

The lounge at the Language House hosts events such as the weekly Coffee Conversations and meetings of various language clubs. At night, it transforms into an easily accessible study lounge. Circular tables provide a comfortable atmosphere for small groups to work, or just discuss interests in language and culture. Sofas and a TV/VCR/DVD allow students to watch movies and multi-lingual programs.

The café features both indoor and outdoor eating areas overlooking the McKeldin Mall. This area is also used for house gatherings and is a perfect place to sit and study.

Multipurpose Room
The Multipurpose Room truly lives up to its name. Language House residents, the Language Departments, and Resident Life use it to host events such as dances, dinners, and small group activities. With a modern multimedia center, it is ideal for conferences, receptions, and large lectures. Every year it hosts the receptions for the "Around the World Film Festival" and "Showcase."

Fee Schedule

Please check Resident Life's Housing FEE page!

The diagram on the right illustrates the floor plan of a typical apartment. Bedrooms measure approximately 12' x 14' and have standard campus housing furniture. Most apartments house five people and include a kitchen, a furnished living room and a bathroom. Students who live in St.Marys do not need to sign up for a meal plan. Click Here to see Resident Life's Floor Plans of St. Mary's Hall.