Donate to the Language House

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Donate to the Language House

There are two ways to donate to the Language House:

Donate through


By sending a check to the Language House:

Please make the check out to UMCP Foundation and in the memo section of the check please writeAcct# 21168 Language HousePlease send the check to :

Dr. Marilyn Matar
3215 Jimenez Hall
University of Maryland
College Park, MD, 20742

The Language House gift donations will be used to:

  1. purchase language softwares for the computer lab;
  2. sponsor cluster activities or field trips;
  3. contribute to House cultural events;
  4. cover LH teaching-material costs, such as international newspaper/journal subscriptions;
  5. support scholarships, research or professional development;
  6. invest in satellite TV programs;
  7. contribute to fund the LH clubs;
  8. help us gain media recognition;
  9. create your own legacy.


Thank You for your contribution!