LH Clubs

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Language House Clubs

  • Language and Linguistics Club (Chair, Jake Bremerman, French Cluster): Learn fascinating things about the House's languages and others! Dates/times: WED: 5 - 6 p.m. in STM 0106 Lounge Area.
  • Movie Club (Co-Chairs, Alexandra Leigh, Russian Cluster and Joe Szczybor, Spanish Cluster): Watch and discuss films of different languages every other week! Dates/times: TBA Place may vary, please check SAAB announcement or LH Facebook page.
  • Tai-Chi Club (Chair, Kalyn Cai, Arabic Cluster): Come and learn the ancient Chinese martial art and meditation technique! Dates/times: Thursdays 5:00-6:00 p.m. in STM 0105 Multi-Purpose Room.
  • Website Club (Chair, Zoe Smith, Japanese Cluster): Learn how the Language House website works! Dates/times: TBA. Meets in the STM Computer Room.
  • Cooking Club (Chair, Iryna Varshchuk, Russian Cluster): Cook exotic dishes from around the world and enjoy eating with friends! Dates/times: TBA. Place may vary, please check SAAB announcement or LH Facebook page.
  • Garden Club (Co-Chairs, Giuliana Sciuto, Italian Cluster and Tali Cohen, Hebrew Cluster): Learn how to plant, grow, weed, water, tend to, and harvest plants in the St. Mary's Garden, where students grow various fruits, vegetables, herbs, leafy greens and flowers. Dates/times: TBA, weather permitting.
  • Health & Wellness Club (Chair, Madeline Masucci, Italian Cluster): Exercise and enjoy physical activities on campus and off. Dates/times: Depends on activities. Please check SAAB announcement or LH Facebook page.
  • Toastmasters Club (Chair, Casey Garnett, Spanish Cluster): Learn and practice public speaking skills. Dates/times: Mondays 6:00-7:00 p.m. STM 0105 Multi-Purpose Room.
  • Soccer Club (Chair, Adam Stambouli, French Cluster): Practice/play soccer and participate in games. Dates/times: Depends on weather. Please check SAAB announcement or LH Facebook page.
  • Board Game Club (Chair, Joshua Phinney, Arabic Cluster): The Board Game Club provides a space in which to play board- and card games in a low stress, casual environment. Those who attend are encouraged (but not expected in any way) to suggest games from their respective culture, as to keep things fresh and continue to strengthen the multi-cultural learning of the Language House. Dates/times: MON 6 - 7 p.m., although times and location may vary. Please check SAAB announcement or LH Facebook page.
  • Fundraising Club (Chair, Ariel Horn, Hebrew Cluster): Come support the Language House and plan exciting fundraisers. Dates/times: Meeting times and locations will vary. Please check SAAB announcement or LH Facebook page.
  • SAAB (Student Awesome Advisory Board) (Co-Chairs, Niko Shutz, Japanese Cluster,  Zoe Smith, Japanese Cluster, Olivia Delaplaine, Arabic Cluster. The Student Awesome Advisory Board allows students at the Language House to work in conjunction with administrators and to provide student voice to Language House policies, activities, and events. It is made up of committees: Art/Decoration, Excursions, Music, Technology, and Outreach, each one with a specific goal in mind. The Student Awesome Advisory Board acts as a liaison between committees, administration, and students at St. Mary's. With this student organization, LH members enjoy a greater sense of ownership of the program. Dates/times: TBA. in the STM Computer Room.

*Information is subject to change. For up-to-date information, contact respective areas.