LH Clubs

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Language House Clubs

  • Movie Club (Chair, Kaitlyn Dorman, Japanese Cluster, and Paulina Leder, French Cluster): Watch iconic and influential films from around the world and explore a new range of cinema.
  • Cooking Club (Co-Chairs, Isabel Layton, Spanish Cluster, Megan Rawlings, Spanish Cluster, and Victor Manuel Herrera-Arias, French Cluster): Cook dishes from around the world and enjoy eating with friends! 
  • Garden Club (Co-Chairs, Sarah Gagne, Spanish Cluster, and Archi Singh, Spanish Cluster): Learn how to plant, grow, weed, water, tend to, and harvest plants in the St. Mary's Garden, where students grow various fruits, vegetables, herbs, leafy greens and flowers. 
  • Health & Wellness Club (Co-Chairs, Caroline Pugh, German Cluster, and Sasha Sweat, Russian Cluster): Exercise and enjoy physical activities on campus and off. 


*Information is subject to change. For up-to-date information, contact respective chairs.