Language House Clubs

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Language House Clubs

Movie Club: Watch iconic and influential films from around the world and explore a new range of cinema. The films we show represent the cultures represented in the Language House.

Time: Fridays at 6 PM on Zoom

Club ChairsKaitlyn Dorman (Japanese Cluster)

           Paulina Leder (French Cluster)


Movie club meeting actress Lara Rain

   Movie club meeting actress Lara Rain

Music Club:  Approaching music from a global perspective, members explore, perform, and discuss music from a myriad of countries and cultures around the world. No musical experience necessary, just bring your enthusias

Time: Wednesdays at 7 PM on Zoom

Club ChairsYair McCoy (Chinese Cluster)

           Lurr Ragen (Chinese Cluster)

Garden Club: Welcome to Garden Club! We focus on our garden, and on houseplants (personal and in the building). We spend time on garden upkeep - watering, planting seeds, weeding, etc - as well as education and advice. We often have related activities, like painting garden scenes or informational seminars. Hope to see you there!

Time: Thursdays at 3PM in the garden unless otherwise stated (and on Zoom)

Club ChairsSarah Gagne (Spanish Cluster)

          Archi Singh (Spanish Cluster)

Health & Wellness Club: The Health and Wellness Club is focused on learning about healthy habits and ways to reduce stress on an international leve. Exercise and enjoy physical activities on campus and off. 

Time: Thursdays at 5PM

Club ChairSasha Sweat (Russian Cluster)

*Information is subject to change. For up-to-date information, contact respective chairs.