Student Activities Advisory Board (SAAB)

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The Student Activities Advisory Board (SAAB) is an organization within the Language House that gives motivated students the opportunity to take on a leadership role in their community. 

Though SAAB is primarily a student organization, it works in conjunction with administrators in regards to Language House events. It is made up of two committees: Events and Outreach, and Art/Decoration, each one with a specific goal in mind.  

The Events Branch is responsible for planning events that build the Language House community across clusters. Every semester, the committee plans an Open Mic Night and a Winter/Spring Dance, as well as varied events such as picnics, cooking competitions, trivia nights, board game nights, and field trips. 

The Outreach Branch is responsible for all communications to the students, administration, and the wider community. The committee sends out a weekly newsletter to students with information on events and news from the Administration. The Outreach Committee is also responsible for managing UMD-wide outreach by contributing to our social media presence and participating in (staffing) recruitment events for prospective students.

The Art/Decoration Committee is responsible for the interior and exterior of St. Mary's Hall. The committee updates decorations in St. Mary's Hall in accordance with the various holidays and themes each month. The committee also plans and implements larger-scale projects, including the ongoing mural.

Students interested in joining SAAB should contact one of the co-chairs. However, most events are open to all Language House students interested in participating.