Student Activities Advisory Board (SAAB)

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The Student Activities Advisory Board (SAAB) allows students at the Language House to work in conjunction with administrators and to provide student voice to Language House policies, activities, and events. It is made up of committees: Art/Decoration, Excursions, Music, Technology, and Outreach, each one with a specific goal in mind.  

We are responsible for planning events to build the Language House community across clusters. Every semester, we plan an open mic night and a dance, as well as events such as picnics, cooking competitions, trivia nights, board game nights, and field days. We also hold open meetings. These meetings are open to all residents of Language House to share any feedback about their experience in Language House. We also invite anyone to our meetings to share ideas for fun events and help us in the planning process. In addition, we send out the weekly newsletter and manage all communications in the LH SAAB Facebook Group for residents. Come to our meetings to learn more about us!



Ingrid Saravia, French Cluster

Jennifer Varghese, Chinese Cluster 

Ericka Njinguet, French Cluster

William Jarboe, German Cluster