LH Admissions

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Admissions Information
(Click here for online application or here to apply to be a Language Mentor)

Please read and consider carefully:
The Language House is a program centered on the learning of foreign languages and opens only to second-semester freshmen and above with intermediate proficiency. Admission to the Language House is competitive and open to all majors, though each resident must possess and nurture a strong commitment towards improving him/herself in the chosen target language. Selection of Language House residents is determined by a faculty committee of foreign language instructors and is based on ability, motivation, and commitment, as well as a sound academic record.

The Language House resident must be enrolled in a course in the target language during every semester that he/she lives in the Language House to ensure steady progress in the target language through both formal and informal instruction. Oral proficiency at the intermediate level is required and students must commit to speaking the target language consistently when in the Language House and with the respective language Cluster.

Because the success of this living/learning environment hinges upon the full participation of each of its members, the Language House resident must fulfill all the requirements of the Language House Immersion Program (listed below) every semester of residency in the Language House. Any individual who does not fulfill these requirements will be removed from the House and placed in another (not necessarily comparable) residence hall, even as the semester progresses. A system of review is used to provide the resident with feedback on his/her progress and participation in the program.

Every Language House resident is expected to:

  • uphold the immersion environment by consistently speaking the target language,
  • attend, participate fully in, and help organize the weekly Cluster meeting,
  • enroll and perform well in a course in the target language, and
  • participate in and help organize Language House events and activities.
  • attend five Language House club meetings per semester,
  • prepare and enjoy one meal per week with apartment mates,
  • participate in an innovative pilot program for tracking progress in the target language, and
  • utilize the media equipment in the apartment common rooms chiefly in the target language.

Housing Fee




                                                   Information for Mentor Position

The best candidate for this position is a single (not married) graduate student or undergraduate student (Junior/Senior) who...

  1. is a native speaker of the target language
  2. is able to live on campus in an undergraduate residence hall
  3. is interested in sharing his/her language and culture with undergraduate students          
  4. is committed to speaking the target language at all times when in the Language House

International students with a full-time TA, GA or RA position are not eligible to apply for this position.

         Mentor Responsibilities

  1. Speaking the target language at all times with students in the cluster
  2. Checking that each cluster member makes progress in their target language
  3. Organizing activities that broaden students' knowledge of the target culture
  4. Spending time with each of your students on a regular basis
  5. Helping your students spend time with eachother
  6. Keeping the Language House Director informed of how the cluster members are progressing in their linguistic and cultural skills
  7. Working closely with faculty liasion and your language department
  8. Helping recruit new students to the cluster
  9. Helping organize successful Language House events

For benefits information, please contact: mmatar@umd.edu

Benefits: hourly pay (contingent upon size of cluster)



- Fall Admission / March 13th
Spring Admission for 2021/ Deadline extended so APPLY NOW! 

1. The application process for the Language House includes an online application with an English essay and references plus an oral interview with a faculty member from the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. Your first step is to submit an application online. You will then be called for an interview.

2. In case the submission doesn't work, please send the application to the Program Director through email. 
Click here to apply on-line or here to apply to be a LH Mentor

3. For additional information, please contact the Language House Immersion Program Director by phone at (301) 405-6996 or by email at mmatar@umd.edu.