About The Korean Language Program

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The Korean Language Program at the University of Maryland is organized into two tracks. The first consists of KORA 101 , KORA 102, KORA 201, and KORA 202, and is designed for students with no previous background in, or exposure to, Korean language and culture.

The second track, which consists of KORA 211 and KORA 212, KORA 311, and KORA 312, is a heritage sequence for students who were exposed to Korean as children, but who do not have native fluency in the language. Students who wish to enroll in either track will need to be placed by the instructor.

In addition to these language skill courses, the department offers KORA 242, an introductory course on the structure of the Korean language, KORA 241, a survey of the history of Korean, KORA 345, an introduction to Korean language and lingusitics, and KORA 398C, Cinema and Society in Contemporary South Korea.

All students new to SLLC courses, regardless of their intended degree, must take the online Foreign Language Placement Test (FLPT) before registering for classes.