Waitlist, Holdfile & Oversubscription Policies

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If you are interested in taking a course in the Japanese program but the class is full, please add your name to the waitlist. Keep in mind that beginning with the first day of classes and throughout the drop/add period,you must 'check in' DAILY to maintain your name on the list. 

To be considered for enrollment in a course, YOU MUST ATTEND THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS AND SUBSEQUENT CLASSES. Japanese language classes are very intensive, and if you miss even one class it will be difficult to make up the work. Therefore students on the wait list who do not attend the first day are not guaranteed a spot in the class, even should one become available.

Please also note that ALL students who register for Japanese language courses at UM for the first time at ANY level must first take our online Japanese Language Placement Assessment (JLPA) and receive an appropriate score to be eligible to enroll. This includes JAPN 101. More information about the JLPA is available on the "Placement" section of our website.

Holdfile for JAPN 101

Due to heavy demand for seats in our JAPN 101 courses, we have placed restrictions on the number of seats available for seniors, juniors, sophomores, and current freshmen in order to save room for our incoming freshman and transfer majors. When registering for 101, you may therefore receive a message indicating that you cannot currently sign up for the course. You should then be prompted to put your name on the holdfile, which is a special type of waitlist for the course.

If you are interested in taking the course in the fall, please put your name on the holdfile ONLY for those sections that will work with your schedule. In order to balance section enrollment, we may not be able to oversubscribe you to your first choice. Students are oversubscribed at the department's discretion and due to the demand for seats, we are not likely to be able to oversubscribe all students in the holdfile to the class. Also, you must have taken the JLPA and received placement into 101 to be eligible. We appreciate your understanding about this.

IMPORTANT: If we are able to oversubscribe you, we will contact you by email. Please be sure that your current email address is listed in the UM system.


In some cases it is possible to be oversubscribed in a course that is full,but keep in mind that classes are oversubscribed at the INSTRUCTOR'S discretion. If you would like to be oversubscribed in a course, pick up a form in Room 1104 Jimenez Hall, fill it out, and bring it to the first day of class. If the instructor agrees to oversubscribe you and signs the form, it is your responsibility to bring the completed form back to 1104 Jimenez, request an electronic stamp, and then register yourself for the course.