Course Semester Titlesort descending Sections Instructor(s)
JAPN302 Spring 2019 Advanced Japanese II 2 sections Makiko Inoue
JAPN102 Spring 2019 Elementary Japanese II 3 sections Robert Del Greco
JAPN202 Spring 2019 Intermediate Japanese II 2 sections Kumiko Akikawa
JAPN401 Spring 2019 Readings in Modern Japanese Literature 1 sections Jyana Browne
JAPN498K Spring 2019 Special Topics in Japanese Studies; Modern Japanese Literature from Pure to Pop: Problematizing Genre and Canon 1 sections Robert Del Greco
JAPN498J Spring 2019 Special Topics in Japanese Studies; Performance and Sexuality in Early Modern Japan 1 sections Jyana Browne
JAPN438A Spring 2019 Topics in Japanese Pragmatics; Stylistic Variation in the Films of Miyazaki Hayao and Studio Ghibli 1 sections Lindsay Yotsukura