Coursesort descending Semester Title Sections Instructor(s)
ITAL103 Fall 2017 Intensive Elementary Italian 2 sections Federica Deigan
ITAL203 Fall 2017 Intensive Intermediate Italian 1 sections Federica Deigan
ITAL204 Fall 2017 Review Grammar and Composition 1 sections Joseph Falvo
ITAL252 Fall 2017 Stories of Italy 1 sections Stefania Amodeo
ITAL301 Fall 2017 Italian Composition 1 sections Stefania Amodeo
ITAL361 Fall 2017 Survey of Italian Society and Culture: From Fascism to the Seventies 1 sections Stefania Amodeo
ITAL478R Fall 2017 Colloquium in Italian; Italian Renaissance 1 sections Joseph Falvo
ITAL499R Fall 2017 Special Topics in Italian Studies; The Italian Renaissance: Dark Shadows in the Age of Splendor and Cultural Rebirth 1 sections Joseph Falvo