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1. ARHU Scholarships

The college offers several scholarships to its students. Each scholarship has eligibility criteria. Scholarship information and applications are made available each spring semester. Applications are available in 1120 Francis Scott Key Hall. Annual scholarship deadlines are the last day of March of any given year, unless otherwise noted.

2. National Scholarships Office

The National Scholarships Office at UMD aims to provide undergraduates with the best possible information, for guidance and support as they learn about and apply for national scholarships. Please visit this site to search for scholarships based on specific criteria (class status, field of study, etc).

3. Study Abroad Scholarships

Comprehensive list of scholarships available specifically for language students who want to study abroad.
-Education Abroad Scholarship
-Hirsch Scholarship

4. Scholarships for Minority Students

Scholarships database where you can search by specific language, region, ethnicity, or minority group, as well as by scholarship title.

5. Hope Scholarship and Lifetime Learning Credits

Tax credits for students specifically in the first two years of college (HOPE Scholarship) and students beyond the first two years of college (Lifetime Learning Credit).

6. SLLC Scholarships

SLLC annually awards Scholarships for Study Abroad to language majors and Scholarships for International Understanding to language majors or minors. Applications are due in the spring. Please check SLLC Undergraduate News (email) for announcements of deadlines and eligibility requirements.

7. Erik B. Young, M.D. International Travel-Study Awards

Alumnus Dr. Erik B. Young wishes to support international travel-study for a group of University of Maryland College Park undergraduates each year. There will be five (5) International Travel-Study Abroad Awards with stipends of $2,500 each awarded for the year. The application process will open in early spring each year.