Travel Guidelines and Forms

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Step 1: Review the guidelines


  • Breakfast: $13.00
  • Lunch: $15.00
  • Dinner: $28.00
  • Total (per diem) - including tax & tip: $56.00
Please note: per university policy, the per diem for breakfast will be given if travelers leave home before 6:30 am and the per diem for dinner will be given if travelers arrive home after 6:30 pm. The per diem reimbursement excludes meals provided at the conference.
  • 56¢ per mile (effective 1/1/2021)
  • 57.5¢ per mile (for reimbursements for 2020)

Step 2: Complete form(s) and submit to

Step 3: Wait for approval and then travel

  • As you travel, be sure to keep original, itemized receipts, as well as boarding passes for travel by air or rail, as required by UMD Travel Services

Step 4: Complete and submit reimbursement forms to Travel Specialist (3215G JMZ)

SLLC Travel Reimbursement Request Form

  • Provide all original, itemized receipts as well as boarding passes for air or rail travel
  • Be sure to include on the Travel Reimbursement Request Form the time when you left home and the time when you returned home to make sure that you receive the proper amount of per diem
  • To expedite the process, please organize and tape small receipts on a sheet of paper
  • Submit forms and itemized receipts within 30 days after the trip

Step 5: Sign attestation page prepared by Travel Specialist

Step 6: Wait for your money

  • Employee – amount will show up in your paycheck within 3 weeks
  • Graduate Student– amount will appear in your paycheck or credit your student account within 3 weeks
  • Participant (not on payroll) – check will be mailed to the home address within 4 weeks