Purchase & Reimbursement

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All forms should be submitted to Procurement Specialist, 3215G Jimenez Hall.

To request purchase of office materials, supplies, or refreshments for events: 

  • SLLC Purchase Request Form
  • For food purchases, provide a copy of the event flyer, the list of attendees, and all original receipts after the event. 
  • For purchase of office materials, provide a quotation or vendor form prior to ordering, if available, and a copy of the packing slip after delivery.

To get reimbursed for purchases already made:

  • SLLC Purchase Reimbursement Request Form
  • Provide original itemized receipts, a list of attendees, and an event flyer for food purchases.
  • Sign the Attestation Form prepared by Charlotte (found in your mailbox)
  • For employees: reimbursement amount will show up in paycheck/stub within four (4) weeks.
  • For students: reimbursement may show up in paycheck or be credited to student account within four (4) weeks.

To request an Internal Services Request (ISR) voucher for business meals at The Common or Mulligan’s Grill:

  • SLLC Purchase Request Form
  • After the meeting, provide original itemized receipt, the yellow copy of the ISR, and a list of attendees.

To request an honorarium payment:

  • Honarium payments for Nonresident Aliens: NRA payments are processed through payroll. In addition to the Honorarium Payment Form, please see the required NRA forms below:

To send bulk mail or Fed Ex letter, package or box