Minor in Hebrew Studies

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The minor in Hebrew offers students the ability to function in the widest variety of communicative situations in Hebrew-speaking settings. With skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking and cultural understanding, they will be prepared to perform a diversity of language tasks, from analyzing Israeli literature and film, writing essays and understanding news broadcasts to writing informal emails or text messages and speaking with native speakers. Students will become aware of Israeli cultural norms, and this knowledge will allow them to decide which words and communication style are appropriate so they can move easily between language settings.

The Hebrew minor consists of 12 pre-requisite credits (Hebrew 106, 107 and 206) or equivalent coursework or background experience and 16 required credits (Hebrew 207, 249, 313, 314 and one additional, approved upper-level course).


Please contact Hebrew program director, Avital Karpman: akarpman@umd.edu