German Graduate Students

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Marion Lindstrom

Marion is a second-year M.A. student and a TA. She completed her B.A. in Spanish and Secondary World Language Educatin at UMD. Marion is originally from Germany and spent five semesters at the Freie Evangelische Fachhochschule in Berlin. She also spent a semester in Bilbao, Spain working with a humanitarian organization. Her academic interest includes the bilingual full immersion education, specifically the comparison between the different approaches to foreign language education as well as the works of Annette von Droste-Hulshoff, Heinrich Heine, and Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff. 

Jocelyn McDaniel

Jocelyn is a 2nd year  Ph.D. candidate and German teacher. Before coming to UMD, Jocelyn received a BA (2004) and MA (2007) in German Studies from the University of Delaware, as well as a MA (2011) in Translation Studies from the Universität des Saarlandes in Saarbrücken, Germany. Her MA thesis encompassed an English translation and dialectal analysis of Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s Viennese comedy Der Unbestechliche. Her current research interests include Austrian Literature from the 19th century to present, Exile Literature, and Translation Studies.




Recent Graduates and Placement

Matthew Kelly (M.A., Spring 2019) - High school German teacher 

J. Alex Porter (M.A., Spring 2019) - 2019-20 Fulbright Fellowship, Germany

Raleigh Joyner (M.A., Spring 2018) - Cultural Programs Coordinator, Goethe Institut, D.C.

Maria Sitzler-Sawicki (M.A., Spring 2018) - Lecturer in German, George Washington University

Wendy Timmons (M.A., Spring 2018) - Ph.D. student in German (Vanderbilt)

Tom Kluber (M.A., Spring 2017) - Middle school German teacher

Abigail Trozenski (M.A., Spring 2017) - Fulbright Fellowship, Germany 2018-19; Ph.D. student in German (Vanderbilt)

Eileen Sellman (M.A., Spring 2016) - Language Program Coordinator, Goethe Institut, D.C.

Scot Macaulay (M.A., Spring 2015) - U.S. Military

Randy Martinson (M.A., Spring 2015) - High school ESL teacher