Departmental Honors

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Departmental Honors

Honors Students are offered a foretaste of graduate school, while enhancing their academic standing as an undergraduate. French Honors students develop an area of special interest in consultation with faculty members. The B.A. diploma will carry the citation “With Honors” or “With High Honors”.


At least three Upper-level courses, beginning with FREN 351, must be taken in the "H" version. The honors student will take FREN 495H (Honors Thesis), for a total of 39 hours in French. For further information, consult the coordinator of the French Honors Program or the Department Advisor.

Students may enter the program through Departmental invitation or through self-selection. To remain in the program, students must earn a grade of at least A- in each of the three H-version courses, two of which must be completed before the semester in which the thesis is to be written.

“H” Courses: Students taking “H” version courses will write a more substantial paper than is usually required for the course and will be held to more stringent criteria for evaluation.

In their senior year, Honors students enroll for French 495 (3 credits) and, under the guidance of a faculty member of their choice, write a thesis in French of approximately 35 pages in length. In addition, a reading list relevant to the thesis topic will be drawn up in consultation with the thesis advisor. Students defend the thesis before a Committee composed of their Honors advisor and one other faculty member, and must be prepared to answer questions on their reading list. The grade awarded by the Committee becomes the final grade for French 495. Note: the “outside” reader of the Honors Thesis must receive the completed thesis at least one week before the projected defense date.