French Graduate Students

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Clara Bichon

Clara received her bachelor's degree in anglophone arts, literatures and civilizations at the University of Nantes in France. She is currently a master's student and language instructor in the French department at the University of Maryland. Her academic interests and research focus on francophone literatures and more especially on political engagement and organization of social movements, gender studies and ecofeminism.






 Samuel Blank

Samuel Blank is a Ph.D. Candidate in French. Before coming to the University of Maryland, Samuel earned a bachelor’s degree in English and French from Université Paris IV, La Sorbonne, in Paris, France, and a master’s degree with a thesis in World Language Education from Tel Aviv University in Israel. Samuel is also a Board-Certified Educator in English and French by the Maryland State Department of Education. He is a teaching fellow in the Department of French and has taught private lessons for many years. Samuel’s primary research interests are at the crossroads of French and Judaic cultures. He is also interested in comparative practices of language pedagogy and the relationships between language and society. His doctoral thesis is a current work-in-progress, focused on the works of Albert Cohen.



Leandra Cormier 

Leandra is from Blois (Loir-Et-Cher, Region Centre), France. She graduated from the Universite Francois Rabelais, Tours, France with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages (L.E.A.) and from the University of Wyoming with a Master’s degree in French Literature, in which she acquired a two-year experience of teaching. Her research focuses on Francophone literature and Franco-African literature. She concentrates on the Mouvement de la Negritude, Malagasy literature in particular. 



 Clara Danos

Clara Danos is currently in the MA program in French studies after completing her bachelor’s degree in Anglophone studies in Caen, France. Before joining UMD, she was a teaching assistant for a year in a public French immersion elementary school near Richmond, VA and she continues acquiring experience as an instructor of French at UMD. 

Her interests include intersectional feminism, and particularly how diffusion of feminist theories is evolving. 


Guilhem Le Saux

Guilhem grew up in Nantes, France and got his degree in Anglophone literatures, civilisations and linguistics with a minor in Spanish there at l'Université de Nantes. He did a semester as an exchange student at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington with ISEP and spent time studying in Ireland before continuing his studies. He is now a master's student and an instructor of French at the University of Maryland. His academic interests include voyage literature, Irish literature, French 18th century literature, linguistics, nature and ecocriticism. Another important thing is that he has a beautiful cat called Brioche. 


 Abigail Norris

Abigail Norris is a student in the Ph.D. program. She earned her bachelor's degree in Business Administration and French at Catholic University and her masters degree in French Language & Literature at University of Maryland. Her current research interests include 20th and 21st century literature, as well as 19th century literature, with an emphasis on women and Francophone writers.


Charlee Redman

Charlee M. Redman is currently in the PhD program in French Studies after having completed her MA at UMD. Before coming to Maryland, she received her B.A. in English and French and Francophone Studies at Penn State University, where she also worked as an editorial assistant at the Penn State University Press. Her interests include early modern travel literature and culture, as well as late nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature from France and the Francophone world, and particularly the intersection of cultural politics, place, and identity. She is also interested in translation, and has worked on translating a French-language novel by Cameroonian author Angèle Kingué.




Elizabeth Robinson

Elizabeth Robinson is a student in the French PhD program. She completed her BA in French and Spanish at SUNY Geneseo, and her MA in French with a concentration in Canadian Studies at SUNY at Buffalo. She received grants from the AIEQ (Association Internationale des Études Québécoises) and ACQS (American Council for Quebec Studies) to study at McGill University in Montreal. Liz’s primary research interests include Quebec, French Canada, les filles du roi, historical literature, feminism and women’s studies. Liz has also volunteered as social media coordinator for the ACQS as well as currently serving ACSUS (Association for Canadian Studies in the US). And in the summer of 2016 Liz participated as an historical reenactor (a fille du roi) in the St Jean parade in Montreal. Her most recent conference presentation was entitled, “Narrating History: Exchanges between an Historical Character and actual Ancestor, Marie Major by Sergine Desjardins” at the biennial ACQS conference in November 2016.

Callan Roten

Callan is a PhD student in the French Program. Before coming to Maryland, Callan received a Bachelor of Science in International Affairs, a Bachelor of Science in Political Science, and a Master of Arts in French Literature from the Florida State University. Callan also served as a legal aid, interpreter, and French language instructor for asylum seeking refugees through the organization France Terre d’Asile in Stains, France. As a former circus performer/aerialist, Callan’s main research interests include circus, theater, spectacle, the female body, and dance. Her other research interests include the 19th and 20th centuries, feminism, gender studies, and identity. Callan is currently working as an English lecturer at l’Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis in Nice, France and is awaiting publication of her book review on Jeanne de Flandreysy, Correspondance de la Grande Guerre à Folco de Baroncelli. Tome I (1914-1915) for the journal Women in French Studies

Francesca Roth

Francesca Roth is a student in the PhD program.  Francesca completed her undergraduate degree in French Literature and Art History and a MA in Humanities with a French concentration, both at Hood College in Frederick, MD.  She also studied for a year in France at Paris III,  L’Institut  Catholique, and L’Institut de Touraine. Francesca’s research focuses on creating an image of the trauma that the French suffered on a societal level during the Reign of Terror by following its effects on French literature— a form of collective memory— during the event itself and for the following century :  specifically, from 1789-1889.