Graduate Funding

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Graduate Fellowships

Graduate Fellowships are available on a competitive basis. Fellows are nominated by the department and fellowships are awarded by the Graduate School.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

A number of Graduate Teaching Assistantships are awarded each year. These carry 9.5-month stipends, remission of all tuition (10 credits per semester), and eligibility for employee health benefits. (UMD mandatory fees are not covered.)For more information, click here.

Assistantship in France

Each year one of our native English-speaking graduate students is selected to spend the year teaching in the Département d'anglais at the Université de Nice.

Time Limits

For students working towards the Ph.D., the total number of years, including the M.A. years, during which financial aid (i.e., graduate assistantship, fellowship, or part-time instructorship) will normally be granted, will not exceed six years (or four years for students entering the program with an M.A. from another institution). One of these years may be spent as a lecteur at the Université de Nice. On the recommendation of the student's advisor and the concurrence of the department Chair, and contingent upon available resources, an additional period may be granted by the Graduate Admissions Committee to students who have been advanced to candidacy for the Ph.D.

Travel Grants

Travel grants are available for graduate students in the advanced stages of their degree program who are presenting a paper at a national conference.