Fola Tapes

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Required Text: Teach Yourself Urdu, by David Matthews and Mohamed Kasim Dalvi. Revised by Timsal Masud Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton ISBN 978-144419541

Please note: In Srping 2017: FOLA 139X will be offered.

Credit Requirements: All courses are 3 credit courses

FOLA138X- Elementary Urdu I : Units Script - 5

FOLA139X-Elementary Urdu II: Units 5 - 9 (Review Script)

FOLA148X-Elementary Urdu III: Units 9 - 13 (Review Script)

FOLA149X- Intermediate Urdu IV: Units 13 - 17 (Review Script)

8 hours a week of CD listening practice together with your textbook are required to succeed in the program. Class attendance is mandatory.

CD List:

CD 1 Units 1 - 17

Please note that, whereas examiners differ in their methods of examining, several things remain constant:

1. The examination will be MAINLY oral. (Some examiners may also require some written work.) YOU MUST BE ABLE TO READ THE URDU SCRIPT.
2. All examiners expect you to have mastered the grammar and the vocabulary of the units you are supposed to have covered. You will probably be asked questions on the grammar.
3. Please remember that the tutor is NOT a teacher. The purpose of the meetings with the tutor is to enable you to practice what you have already learned from the tapes and the book. The tutor will not teach or discuss grammar.
4. Please remember that the Code of Academic Integrity is in effect for all FOLA courses.