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The purpose of this program is to enable qualified students to aquire a speaking knowledge of certain foreign languages not offered in the regular programs on this campus. It is not intended for students who already have a speaking knowledge of these languages. The following courses are offered:

  • FOLA 138- Directed Study of a Foreign Language I (3 credits) 
  • FOLA 139- Directed Study of a Foreign Language II (3 credits) 
  • FOLA 148- Directed Study of a Foreign Language III (3 credits) 
  • FOLA 149- Directed Study of a Foreign Language IV (3 credits) 

The courses listed above are not offered every sememster.

It should be understood that the program is basically self-instructional. It comprises the study of a TEXT, listening to TAPES, memorizing speech patterns, going through drills, etc. This
self-instruction is supplemented, however, by practice drill sessions with a native-speaking TUTOR. The Tutor will generally be drawn from the international student population and trained by the Coordinator of FOLA. The Tutor is a non-professional without experience in teaching language S/he is NOT an instructor. The role of the Tutor is not to ‘teach’ in the usual sense, but to drill the students, to guide or ‘monitor’ the students through the material in the textbook and on the tapes. The Tutor will, for example, check the student’s pronunciation, and provide an opportunity to practice in live conversation what the student has already learned by him/herself from the text and the audio materials. Accurate sentence structure is drilled during the Tutorial classes.

Practice/Tutorial sessions are not used for the presentation of new material, but only for reinforcement of what has already been learned at home from text and audio materials. To ensure success in the program students are required to spend 8 hours a week, outside of class time, practicing with audio tapes which accompany the textbook. Students unwilling or unable
to learn in this way should not enroll in the program.

It should be clearly understood that self-instruction is NOT independent study. Attendance at practice sessions (the Tutorial class) is mandatory. Beyond 2 absences will result in the lowering of your final grade.

Grades are based on Attendance and mini tests, which is mainly oral and should take from 10 to 15 minutes per student. The amount of material covered for each credit level will be determined, in advance, by the Coordinator of FOLA. Students will receive specific information as to how many lessons they will need to study and learn for the semester/level.

Students admitted to this program agree to abide by the following conditions:

1. To attend ALL scheduled Tutorial/drill sessions unless excused for medical or other valid reasons.
2. To use only the target language during drill sessions. (Specific grammar questions MUST NOT BE directed to the Tutor. General questions, in English, may be asked before or after class, BUT NOT DURING CLASS TIME.)
3. To come to class completely prepared for the day’s lesson. (This means mastering the appropriate tapes and the relevant unit/lesson of the textbook.) Every time there is class students should be prepared well enough to pass a quiz /test on the material for the day.
4. To cooperate with the Tutor during drills, i.e. responding as rapidly as possible IN THE TARGET LANGUAGE and not wasting the time of fellow students.


Admission to the Self-Instructional Language Program (FOLA 138 - 139: elementary; FOLA 148 - 149: Intermediate;  is by permission of the Coordinator of FOLA. Application and Information forms are available from the FOLA office: STM 0102. Please note: 6 credit (Intensive) courses are being removed.

Please make certain that you are REGISTERED for your course. The Coordinator of FOLA cannot register you: you must go online and register yourself for the course. If you do not register for the FOLA course in question, you will not receive credit for the course.


In order to receive credit, a certain minimum amount of material must be covered in a given semester. Each student will receive an Information Sheet from the Tutor of the class, on the first day the FOLA class meets. The number of chapters/units/lessons for each level are on these sheets. Please keep these sheets since they also provide information about number of CDs, and reminders about the FOLA Program. If you fail to cover the minimum amount, it is recommended that you drop the course. You will not be permitted to take the final exam if you have not studied the necessary amount of material for your course. Requests for an ‘Incomplete” will be granted only in the most extreme cases and when all the criteria (set by the University)for an “Incomplete” are met.

A student may ordinarily register for three (FOLA 138,139,148,149) credits in any one semester, depending on how many lessons/units of the language s/he has time to cover. In this matter the student may decide for him/herself, but s/he would do well to heed the advice of the Coordinator.

All levels of FOLA Courses are not offered every sememster: Please check TESTUDO.UMD.EDU


All students will receive information regarding exams from their tutor in class.

Coordinator of FOLA, by phone: 301-405-4046 or e-mail: nya@umd.edu Ultimately the responsibility is yours: for finding out when and where your examination will be held and for taking care of conflicts.

Coordinator of FOLA: Dr. Naïmé Yaramanoglu
FOLA webpage: http://sllc.umd.edu/fola